Monday, May 19, 2008

yay fashion showz

so... i really like orange marker.

a conversation i overheard while sitting in the audience of the spring 08 MICA fashion show. sweet sweet intermission

138th street last page

the end


138th street page 5

138th street page 4

138th street page 3

138th street page 2

138th street page 1

first and only intricately colored page in a little project based on a song by The Walkmen.

whiskey business

I can't stop playing Rockstar video's BULLY. I NEED IT. Like a flower needs sunshine. Like an alcoholic needs booze. It's such a clever game. I feel clever playing it. Also for the record, I'm king of the greasers now.

oh, and, whatever ex boyfriend number whatever. It's not like I take out my hostilities on paper or anything. you'll get what's coming to you.

Gay Dumbledore

it's true.

dicky business

I hate you ex-love-of-my-life. just so we're clear about it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Musical Zodiac

yesssss, my musical zodiacs... Well, questionably musical if you're Ryan Dunn... but I just think he's so cute.

Duo Maxwell makeover

I'm so susceptible to this shit. I love anime, but hate most things associated with that subculture. Does that make me a betrayer to want to draw fanart sometimes? I mean, Gundam Wing is so kick-ass. Giant robot shows make me stoked to be a professional stuff drawrer. ergo the MAKEOVER

look, he literally just beat the shirt off of someone's back! how could anyone not be into that?? because I am.

A Few More Old Sketchbook Pages

haha, sorry Dan! Sometimes critiques feel like this... but then they always get better again.

Taxi Driver Spots II

Jodie Foster was so hot in this movie. Man, what happened?

Taxi Driver Spots

Taxi Driver Booklet cover design

Hope / Comfort

Dear ex boyfiends... sometimes when I draw things that mean one thing, they end up meaning something else or not being true later. What's up with that? Human hearts, lets have some consistency, ok? yeah!

A Few Old Sketchbook Pages

I miss the long format of this sketchbook. maybe I'll get another one like it...

Fast Dog

BAD WORD pitch turnarounds

some character turnarounds and costume changes for my animated show pitch, BAD WORD

A Loud Show

bonus points to whoever can locate the secret jean claude vann damme tattoo

sound effect spots

The Doppleganger

An experiment with the sand down technique. Fat Alex. He's out there.

Sketchbook Page

Hey new blog. check it.