Sunday, November 28, 2010

Curse of the 31st

Doing the whole CD package for this handsome guy!
Watch out for Kill Bill, Curse of the 31st, coming in January!

More when there's more.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rvanthology, Yours Truly, misc.

Hey guys! Happy almost thanksgiving!

Finally, after much adieu, my pages for Sink Slow Down got finished, and the RVAnthology is now officially off to the printers! Boom Boom Burgers as just come forward as a sponsor for our opening, so fortunately we can now afford to buy better booze and get a better DJ! Neat! (I wonder if there will be complimentary burgers? ah-hee- hee :d )

Now what is left to me is to assemble some few personal works of my choice for the show which is happening simultaneously. I'm bored with the prints I have now, and have been making a concentrated effort to try and whip together some new stuff. Mostly I've only managed to lamely photoshop some blown out reference pix together, but here and there a glimmer of something cool is showing. can turn around postcard prints so fast, I won't really have to make any ultimate decisions until probably the end of the week or a little later. Also I've been separating some original line from the comic for prints as well, so we'll see how people like those.

Additionally to the seeming future success of the anthology, I've also gotten a second job! Cool! I am now the only illustrator at my friend's fledgling graphic design company, Yours Truly LLC. Here's a spot ad we're running in Richmond Mag and RVA mag:

Drawing is so fun.

Remember friends, The RVAnthology is on facebook! Watch for updates about the release.