Monday, January 24, 2011

sketching, postcards & process, oh my!

half done projects have a really good way of stacking up on my desktop. From time to time, I get to dig through them and figure out which ones I still have an invested interest in, and which ones I can just trash. Recently, though, I've been having a nearly impossible time of it trashing anything! So all my for fun projects, in the exception of the rare three or so things, remain the same and yet go for the most part untouched. One day, I will get to these fun diamonds.

On the work side of things, I designed a postcard for Yours Truly. There is another one in the set done by someone else, but they share the same back. I've decided that I love pink. I used to be afraid of it, I think. Now all I want to do is mash my face into giant swathes of magenta and fuchsia.
I went for a similar feel to the ad I drew for us recently for RVA magazine in an attempt to give the people in our tiny city some sort of familiar visual cues. Pink. leaves. feathers. Greens and blues. decorative texture.

Here, I think is probably as close to a tutorial as I'm going to ever get. My coloring process takes much longer than the initial inking process. I try many different color combos before I get to something I like. From every version I create that appeals to me, I take maybe one color, or one piece of contrast, and bring it to the next level. Thus I obnoxiously birth art. But I think coloring is the most enjoyable part of the process for me, who feels a bit like a wizard putting together a complicated jigsaw puzzle.

until next time!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

RVAnthology site launch!

Yes, it's true. Now you are free to purchase your copy of the RVAnthology online! For a mere pittance, you get five excellent and beautiful stories about love, fear, homelessness, death, sex, and cats! What more could you ask for? Check it out immediately! RVANTHOLOGY.COM

I want to go to there!