Saturday, April 18, 2009

space punk house poster mock up

space punk house doodle color plan 1 for BIG DETAILED POSTER

hurr, arrg. brain not functioning today.

fire BAD. Tree PRETTY.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gorillaz hanging out in the living room

Another WIP. I couldn't fit Russel in, and ironically ended up having lots of awkward useless space, instead of not enough breathing room because Russel is so fat. So much more to be done... posters on the back wall, texture layers, light and shading, coloring of the linework, and maybe cropping some things out. I feel like nothing I do is ever done unless I've added thousands of perfect tiny details, but end up always getting bored and wanting to do something else instead, half way through.

In anticipation for the new documentary about the Gorillaz, there's been a lot of recent media activity. The most hilarious thus far is the discourse that takes place on, which is hosting the most recent official Banannaz stuff. The documentary director has a blog there, in which Murdoc Niccals has made a delightfully unpleasant appearance. I've been following their arguement with great enjoyment. Their arguement, based on whether or not it is legitimate or not to have rights to your music or image if you are animated, has recently reached a hilarious pinnacle. When bribery and threats failed to work, Murdoc made a 3am phone call to the director from a bar, piss-drunk, to complain. You can listen to his message, posted by Ceri the director, and it is perfect. In every way.

Go. Look. Listen.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

tutti fruity colors, anyone?

I use too many dull colors. This was me playing around, trying to spice things up a little.