Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I feel like a Rockstar when I play this game.

so, uhhhhh... is it cool if I just want to draw videogame stuff for a while?

Without a doubt, Rockstar Video's BULLY is my favorite videogame of all time. I mean, it has everything. The ultimate premise. (Boy meets school. Student body tries to kill boy. Boy conquers school.) The coolest main character. (Lore has it that Jimmy Hopkins's shiftless absentee father is none other than GTA's famous Tommy Vercetti.) The coolest arch nemisis. (Gary Smith, he of the excessive medications for multiple paranoias and disorders.) A COOL city map where you can get tattoos, clothes, hair cuts, do graffitti, fight cops, launch things from rooftops, hang out with greasers, red necks, rich kids, nerds, teachers... you can participate in bike rallys and races. Mow old ladies down with the riding mower, push people down hills while they're in port-a-pottys, start food fights, smash cars, ride go karts, and steal virtually anything that isnt tied down. It also helps that certain unlockable outfits, like the black ninja suit, give you cool ammunities and help your mischeif along. And glory upon glory, you can make out with girls AND boys, for extra heath bonuses.

Gosh darn it, Rockstar Video. You've done it again.

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