Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Side Effects cover and some thoughts

Okay, so I've got a buddy working with me on the script for this one, so it'll probably show up sooner rather than later.

Recently I've been really into hand lettering stuff. Scratchy dry brushing, and funny textures. Yeah! Which, combined with my newly revamped UBER digital take on everything, I'm hoping will temper the lifeless digital tone sometimes that kind of art can take on.

Also, I just want to make scary logos for everything now. Maybe I'll make more for this, just for fun.

Plot? well, there's an insane asylum for this one, some bugs, some blood, some flashbacks, probably an arson charge, perscription drug abuse, high tops, ghosts, cigarettes, booze, and a hella ton of sound effects. AMBIENT AUTUMN COMIC PROJECT, GO!

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zach hazard vaupen (c) 2008 all rights reserved said...

that's beautiful! those bugs look so legit. i feel like everyone has gotten a million times more talented in the last year but sometimes i forgot. i found your blog while i was googling myself.

oh yeah, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU! did you not come to baltimore today???