Sunday, May 17, 2009

art trading cards!

So recently I've really gotten into this idea of the art trading card. You make a card. You trade a card with one somebody else has made. You do this through snail-mail, or by direct contact. Either way, no money is involved, and you get to collect lots of rad little bits of other people's interesting things. So, thus then in brief: TRADE WITH ME!

here's a sample of some cards close up, because the photo couldn't be of a better quality:

The pieces individually are pretty interesting in person, I think. They're pretty quickly done, mostly watching TV or talking on the phone. Kind of delightful, continuous hand gesture. Most of them have highlighter, and some of them have gold paint, so really the best way to look at them is in person.

Come on. I know you guys want to trade. It'll be so fun.

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