Sunday, May 2, 2010

a little of this, a little of that

Hey Guys! I've been in such a jumble of activity recently that I haven't had too much time to draw! Or, strike that, I've been spending all my time doing work for other people, ie, the mural I'm working on at a local bar (pictures forthcoming), but here are a few little things.

Here is a gouache-y commission thing I did for a lady who wanted cute goat men? Haha. Hairy nipples. All the furries have hairy nipples.

And here's an illustration for a BULLY fanzine I'm making with a friend who works at Rockstar. There is a serious lack of pinups of handsome dudes, if you ask this lady. Sure, most nerds are dudes, and a lot of dudes like drawing pictures of cute ladies. It's in their nature, like it's in mine to draw muscly ....high schoolers? Huhhhh... gonna have to think that one through again...

REGARDLESS, best atmosphere of any adventure game ever, the end.

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