Thursday, September 30, 2010

RVAnthology progress

Holy Toledo! Progress! Tonight was a good inking night. Sometimes I feel like I'm reaching down and grabbing my inspiration and dragging it out like yanking up a stubborn tree root. But it's on nights like these that I remember why this is so hard for me, and furthermore, why it's so important I tell my story right.

I also cannot get this song out of my head for the life of me:


Tin Salamunic said...

Saw your work at Rumors a while back. Loved it! Then I found out you know Eric Pfeiffer and the guys.....cannot wait to see more pages from the anthology!

great job!

Daniel Hamilton said...

Your line work is really interesting, btw; the line weights and such look really natural and varied, but also really smooth; do you just ink it traditionally and scan it in with a super awesome scanner or do you achieve such awesomeness with a tablet?? If it's digital...WAT!? lol! very cool

gumbabar said...

haha! just regular hand inking. Sometimes I let the ink sit in my brush for a few days and dry to kind of wear down on it and give it a texture. I tear through brushes that way, but I think it looks sort of neat. Then I scan at 600 dpi then re size later after digital color is applied.