Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The RVAnthology release party...

... was a complete success!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Whitley Gallery December 10th for the release party for the RVAnthology! I'm pleased to say that these photos are some low-key action shots, because at one point the gallery became so full that the windows fogged up and it was impossible to walk around! Neato! (Unless one finds oneself carrying a glass of red wine. yikes!) The turnout was much better than I expected, and we are well on our way to meeting our financial goals. It's been a weird, long road up to this point, but I hope to do it again soon!

For those of you interested in picking up one of these bad boys for yourself, if you live in Richmond you can swing on down to The Whitley Gallery on 17th and Main across from the old farmer's market and purchase your copy there. All 200 first editions are autographed by everyone involved, and are selling for $25 each. Select original works from all the artists are also on display, and available at very reasonable prices. When the show comes down in January, the book will be made available at your local Virginia comic book store (including the very badass Velocity Comics, who always show up full force in support, as well as mine own shop, Stories Comics) and on the internet.

Thanks again, to everyone else involved! Y'all know how to make a girl feel special.

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Nicole said...

aaaw how cooool! it all looks really ace! would have been cool to go to! (alas, I am currently on a totally different continent/side of the ocean..). I'm glad the turnout was good.