Saturday, October 8, 2011

reflections on anime and time travel

Time traveling plot devices, secondarily to amnesia, are some of my favorites. Trunks, therefore, is clearly one of my favorite characters in Dragonball Z. His relationship with his fake dad Gohan is strange, and I can't imagine traveling back in time to see your super tough fake dad as some weird overly muscled cabbage patch kid that gets shrieked at about studying all the time can be very easy. I'm surprised not more characters just go insane. This excluding Vegeta, who I'm pretty sure everybody suspects was insane from the beginning.

I think I read on a forum once, some nerd making the comment "Dragonball Z isn't about fighting. It's about never giving up!" Often times I find myself mumbling this sentiment over and over, and humming the Bruce Falconer theme songs while I power walk with my coffee to work. Nerd zen.


Nicole said...

every day after an addict ;o; ♥

CARA said...

julia! all of your work is still the best! and i miss you.