Saturday, November 12, 2011

fan farts and space bros

After all these years, I think drawing fanart is still my favorite game. Pretty much all of my warm ups before getting to work are devoted to drawing characters from different series that I have loved. It's also a lot of fun to look at series like Gundam Wing, which I have loved utterly since it's 1995 American debut. Looking at my GW stuff, I can see how I drew it then and how I draw it now. I can lay out a definitive map of the development of my skill over time by looking back at my fanart, and for me that is so much fun. Fanart is fun. The most important part about drawing fanart is that you think about how you enjoyed that series, and then find a way to convey that pleasure into a piece. I feel like certain characters are my property by this point, to some extent. Characters I've drawn so many times, I'm pretty sure I can see inside their minds. Inside their twisted, fictional minds. You know? YOU KNOW? YOU KNOW RIGHT

I feel like anybody who has ever drawn fanart is with me here.


Anonymous said...

hey friend. love this fan art. funny enough, you may know me.

Julia said...

do I? your link goes to a broken page. Give me a hint? :D

cmoorebutts said...

Julia! It's your neighbor, Christina (you know, the annoying one with the cigg butts and obnoxious noise round 4am).. Double parentheses ((hopefully you don't view me this way.. womp))!. I finally typed in the words to your site and it's been pinned to my cork board for at least a week now. I like the range of your stuff, but i gotta say, I might be a bigger fan of the commentary cause it's entertaining and makes me laugh, which isn't something i do much, PLUS i love writing that is simply put, straight from the brain. That's the best! I honestly havent scrolled through much yet.. actually I stopped here to comment, so I guess I'll go venture down your bloggahh.
PS. Random, but relevant, last week I actually started a blogger out of the blue. I have 2 posts so enough said. But convenient for my commentation desires. bleeeh! woooo.okay. PPS. Commentation must not be a true word according to the little red dotted lines beneath it.