Friday, February 5, 2010

Afrodisiac full poster

Here's the full poster version of my entry for Velocity Comic's AFRODISIAC book release contest! And guess who won? Yeah, that's right, go ahead. THIS girl. uh-huh.

The event itself was small because of terrible snowy weather, but good. Actually, I always tend to enjoy things more when they are on the small side, due to my inability to always be able to navigate around awkwardly loitering nerds. I hate awkward loitering, and find myself doing a lot of it whenever at a signing of any kind. So it really doesn't help the situation when there's ten other dudes doing the same thing, except way taller and/or fatter and weirder. Not that I can't appreciate my own kind, but I sort of wish more lady nerds had come out. Street Angel was an important project for me as a lady, especially a lady who has had her fair share of destitute living situations. But whatever, their loss. Sorry nerd ladies.

So Jim Rugg was obviously there, celebrating and signing copies of AFRO, as well as talking up Street Angel. It seemed strange to me how many people were there that hadn't even heard of Rugg's work. What? Why trudge through waist high street-sludgy snow in the rainy dark just on a whim? Though maybe those were just the people I was lurking on while attempting not to awkwardly loiter. A difficult task, when Velocity is all chockablock full of comic books instead of floorspace, and every other dude there was like some hugely tall yet softspoken geek over the age of 26.
In retrospect, there were a lot of questions for Jim that I had that I ended up completely blanking on, when it was my turn to stutter stupidly for six or seven minutes about how I loved Street Angel so so much and especially issue 4 and especially when this thing or that thing happened etc etc. But hindsight's 20-20, they say, and I'm left wondering only if the one photo I saw someone take with me in it will turn out with me looking glazed and pink in the face, with dribbles of sweat or spit somehow irreversibly dripping down the side of my fat face. I feel like I'm 14 years old, kind of.


Rick Spears was also there, who is a little younger and who I've met before, so it was both a relief and a lot of fun to talk to him about his projects. He's a pretty nice guy! I had a good time, I think! And winning the contest was a nice thing. Jim apparently liked my print enough to ask to keep it, so I'm stoked! I'm happy he likes it! I actually can't really comprehend it, but I can appreciate.

Hello Velocity comics, hello hello! Tomorrow I return for my winnings. Thanks Pat! yessssss... yessssss

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