Monday, February 8, 2010

picture post!

I think it's official that I have now spent 1/2 of my total money pool on comic books instead of paying off my student loans. ah ha... ha ha ha... hahaha... hahahahaHAHAHA ! oh no.

recent reading both old and new:

Last Call by Vasallis Lolos
completely nuts. This guy's inking drives me crazy, I must have read this little buddy a dozen times and I still can't stop looking at it! It makes my eyeballs feel soooooo goooooodddd. Lolos is maybe my favorite illustrator right now.

Notes for a War Story by Gippi
I love love love love love Gippi's scribbly linework. His sensitive watercolor over top gives it an effortless, and yet somehow carefully premeditated, thoughtful feel. Plus his stories are so sad and good, in weird slice-of-life ways, even when the book itself is about something as major as what war does to people.

Unloveable by Esther Pearl Watson
more bathroom reading, really, but every girl (and sometimes guy) has felt like Tammy at least once. I feel like we were friends in another life.

A Drifting Life by Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Taking in both Tezuka and Tatsumi to figure out who is the real grandfather of japanese comics. My experiences thus far with Tatsumi have been thought provoking and mortally depressing. I'm learning all about gekiga, cool!

Red Blinds the Foolish by Est Em
a weird and rare BL novel that tells a couple of really provocative, well written, and realistic stories. Especially poignant is one short about a grown man whose lover, a shoemaker, discovers an old cherished family memory, and makes his sean connery-lookin ass boyfriend a pair of beautiful red high heels.

MW by Osamu Tezuka
Scary, disturbing, and on/off hilarious. Tezuka's childlike style throws me off a lot of the time, making it weirder and worse when something really especially sick happens. But I think that might be what I like so much about his stuff. It's going to take me a lifetime to collect his complete body of work. I think I also like that.

New House plants from the Lowes for my drawing table! That honking cactus-lookin palm was only 10 $$$! Say whaaaaattttttt? Thanks damaged plant cart. Brian and I are planting an herb garden in our kitchen window too, look out springtime!

Expect better photos next time, as these are courtesy of my laptop photobooth. Macs are better than PCs, the end.


Alexa Williams said...

I told my roommate last night the thing I was going to miss the most about school was getting to buy like $500 worth of books every few months.

oooh damaged plant cart. I'm trying really really hard not to buy any plants since I'm going to have to move them like 1800 miles this summer. And why would I buy cacti in Richmond when I can just buy a shitload of them once I get to Texas?! I hope your herb garden grows up and seasons your food beautifully.

Need a Mac. My Dell is going to kick the bucket soon.

becca said...

omfg. i have spent days pouring over unloveable. it is my favorite. just one more reason why we were meant to be friends. if you get any cooler you will just evaporate into colors.

Angie said...

If you like Tatsumi, try Red Snow by Susumu Katsumata! I actually prefer Yoshiharu Tsuge but he doesn't permit anyone to translate his stuff so it's a bummer, but Susumu Katsumata was highly praised by Tsuge, with good reason. Sort of a more compassionate side to gekiga.